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Some of the Travel with Character team, four women laughing and having fun at the shore

Meet Lauren


My background is the performing arts, and maybe you have seen me on the New York stage, Grease Live! on Fox, or in a Comedy Central sketch. My passion to entertain is connected to everything I do.

I've also worked on the other side of the camera with photography, directing, vocal coaching, stage managing, and comedy writing.  My strength for communication and customer service also led me to a 12 year career as a personal assistant for songwriters, choreographers and well-known TV/film celebrities. 


My beginnings

Owner of Travel With Character®

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The Executive Producer of your vacation

What I have learned is that planning a vacation is not so different from putting together a theatrical production. Both need expertise, industry connections, organization, time management skills, eagerness to collaborate and most importantly, a creative eye.

It's important that my guests know that a successful vacation takes a partnership. I care about the success of each and every vacation that we plan. Pair that with your desire to build something special for your family, and that is where we begin to create magic!  


A quick "hello"

Collaboration  is the key to a

                                                         successful vacation.

What we are known for

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Creative design 
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Real people who care and understand your goals
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Meet Your Creative Team


My truest travel passion lies in crafting custom itineraries – unique plans for one-of-a-kind clients. While I specialize in multi-generational travel and hold certifications as an Autism Travel Planner, ASTA Verified Travel Advisor, and Certified Cruise Counselor, I am committed to perpetual learning. I am a traveler, a mom, and a wife, each role contributing to the rich tapestry of my life experiences, which I am thrilled to infuse into your vacations.


I'm a firm believer in what I like to call "core memory" trips.-- The overwhelming sight of Machu Picchu emerging from the clouds, the salty breeze sailing through Phang Nga Bay, the freshness of Mont St Michel's oysters, and the unforgettable Pok Chuc from a quaint restaurant near Chichen Itza are moments eternally etched in my memory. Life is too short to miss out on the myriad possibilities the world has to offer.


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Although my formal education led me to Photography and Anthropology, my journey has been one of continuous learning and skill expansion. From advertising and customer service to event planning, my diverse background has uniquely positioned me on both sides of the travel world. Before stepping into the role of a full-time travel advisor, I  worked for a major US airline, gaining first-hand knowledge of the airline industry from a unique perspective. 

My family and I embark on several journeys each year. We make it a point to explore Central America annually, alongside adventures in the Caribbean and South America. Paris in September and Spain in March are non-negotiable traditions. Recent years have seen us wandering through Mexico, Peru, Singapore, Thailand, Hawaii, Germany, Greece, and Turkey, creating memories etched in my heart forever. Of course, I always enjoy a theme park vacation and visit the Disney parks several times a

Melanie Rodriguez jumping in athleisure clothing
Sarah Kruger smiling and posing on a beach in a white dress

Sarah Kruger

After many years of being our family's de facto vacation planner (and planning more than a few of my friends' trips too!), I'm so excited to be able to share my love of travel with my guests. I come from a family of adventurers and have lived and travelled all over the US, as well as explored the Caribbean, Europe, and Canada. I now have two little girls who I love making travel memories with (especially at Disney!) and who have opened my eyes to an entirely new way of seeing and exploring our world.


I've spent the last 15 years in portfolio management, and bring my passion for research and commitment to exceeding expectations to my guests. From national parks and tropical beaches to major cosmopolitan cities and the world's most famous theme parks, I craft itineraries for my clients with the same attention to detail I do for my own family.


Your relaxing vacation starts when you book with me. While I'm coordinating logistics and curating the perfect itinerary, you can kick back and daydream about the magical memories you're about to make. The only thing you need to worry about is what trip we'll plan together next! 

Sarah Kruger and her family smiling and posing in front of the Disney castle

Erin Moore

I'm a passion-driven traveler with over 10 years of experience planning and personalizing vacations for couples and families of all ages. I'm detail-oriented and just as committed to planning a smooth and enjoyable trip as I am in finding exciting and unique experiences that can be remembered for a lifetime.


I've had the pleasure of living in Denmark, Costa Rica and Uruguay. From National Parks and Major League Stadiums to castles and museums in Europe to Mediterranean beaches and cruises, my husband and I have been lucky to travel all over the world.

I've spent nearly 25 years teaching learners from Kindergarten through adulthood. Through all of that I've discovered the importance of connecting with the world around us, learning new things and exploring many diverse cultures.

My love for Walt Disney World started at an early age with family vacations and has continued into adulthood with frequent trips to Orlando. I'm also no stranger to the magical world of Disneyland, having had an Annual Pass or Magic Key for the past 20 years. We recently also spent a few days enjoying the Parisian magic of Disneyland Paris. My mouse ear collection recently crossed the 30 ear mark and continues to grow!


I love seeking out those off-the-beaten-path local experiences that turn a good vacation into an extraordinary adventure.


Emily Hanson

I have been unofficially planning family and friends' travel for 15 years. My former career in wedding planning developed my skills for orchestrating unforgettable travel experiences. I am passionate about finding the perfect destination for my clients, and coordinating every detail. 

I am a dedicated Disney enthusiast, living just 20 minutes from Walt Disney World allows me to immerse myself in the magic anytime. From my frequent visits to Disneyland to my annual trips to Aulani, I'm always up to date on the latest Disney magic. Last year, I even explored the wonders of Tokyo Disney Resort and Disneyland Paris! My expertise extends to Disney Cruise Line and Adventures by Disney as well

My wanderlust has taken me across 46 U.S. states and 31 countries, with new international travel plans yearly. Having lived in China and Singapore, I've traveled extensively throughout Asia, collecting stories and experiences along the way. I can utilize my vast knowledge to plan honeymoons, multi-generational cruise vacations, and custom European or Asian itineraries.

Designing magical, memorable, and stress-free vacations for my clients is more than my profession - it's my passion!

Natalia headshot.png

Natalia Borzym

I’ve been the go-to planner for my friends and family for years, and now, as an independent travel advisor, my passion is turning my clients’ travel dreams into reality. I've mastered the art of making the planning process not just stress-free, but genuinely enjoyable.

My background in marketing strategy and logistics enabled me to hone my skills in timeline management, communication, and organization for over a decade. No planning challenge is too big – I thrive on turning ordinary occasions into extraordinary experiences.

My personal travel journey has taken me to 25 countries so far, from the vibrant streets of Tokyo to the lush landscapes of Costa Rica and the timeless charm of the Amalfi Coast. These experiences have not only enriched my life but have also equipped me with a deep appreciation of different cultures and a keen eye for unique experiences in every destination.

From my roots in sunny South Florida to my current home in the heart of Los Angeles, Disney theme parks have always been a cherished part of my life and my family memories. I've been visiting Disney parks since I was 3 years old, and my first ever cruise was on the original Disney Cruise Line ship: The Disney Magic! Now I live just a short drive from Disneyland and frequent the parks as often as I can.

Beyond the theme parks, I have a genuine love for exploring the world and broadening my horizons. I'm here to share my passion and expertise to curate unforgettable travel experiences for you and your family. Let's embark on a journey together and create memories that last a lifetime!


April Ferrell

I discovered my passion for planning Disney vacations over a decade ago when I planned my own family's first trip to Walt Disney World. I had been to both Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida several times as a child, but it wasn't until I was able to see the joy in my own children's faces on our Disney vacations that I realized everyone deserves to be that happy!


The moment we returned from our first family trip to Walt Disney World, I immersed myself in learning all that I could to become an expert on planning Disney vacations. I've completed the College of Disney Knowledge, but my education on Disney Destinations continues daily. 


When you book your Disney trip with me, you can be confident that your vacation is in the care of someone who truly wants you to have the best possible experience. My expertise and extensive knowledge on the Disney Destinations will be extremely valuable in designing a magical vacation where priceless memories are made.

Considering a career on our team? 

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