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Custom travel planning

What is F.I.T Travel?

  • F.I.T. originally was short for "Foreign Independent Tour". Now it commonly stands for “Fully Independent Traveler”

  • F.I.T travelers can travel solo, in couples, or in small groups. Their itinerary is like a package (hotels, transfers, trains, tours etc), but it's completely customized by their travel pro! No big motorcoaches or set itineraries and dates.

  • F.I.T. travelers avoid mass tourism for an independent approach, while they explore their destination’s food, architecture, history, and culture.

Let our creative team create a custom, bespoke

International Vacation

City Traffic in London, big red double decker bus driving near older buildings

I can't say enough how helpful it was to have Travel With Character help us plan our vacation. It took out all the guess work and stress of planning a big family trip. They helped make sure it included the things we wanted to prioritize seeing and doing. It was well worth every penny.

Erin G. 

Couple standing in the water near a vertical rock pillar rising out of the water in a tropical destination

Why us?

  • Our team of advisors has traveled to over 50 countries.

  •  We have connections with vetted travel suppliers that present unique tours and personalized experiences.... a private cooking class in Paris, a wine tasting tour through Italy, a surfing session in Costa Rica, or a tour of whiskey distillery in Scotland! Many experiences are not-Google-able. 

  • Most of our providers have a 24/7 in-travel emergency contact for peace of mind. We also present you with travel insurance options to protect your vacation investment from the unforseen.

  • Our travelers are presented with 4 and 5 star accommodations and private tour guides for the ultimate in comfort while abroad.


  • We also have ultra-luxury options for the most discerning travelers, including private yacht and air charters. 


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Lauren Quirk standing on cobblestone street out front of the Dublin Castle
Michelle Rodriguez jumping in athleisure clothing at ancient ruins
Picture of a beautiful town in Greece

Digital Itinerary

With our commitment to the needs of the modern traveler, our guests will download an app that contains their digital itinerary

Hotels, trains, transfers, and guided experiences will be added by your Advisor as they are secured. QR codes and travel docs are one click away. 


Pre-booked dining and spa reservations will be updated in your plans. 

Emergency contact info and applicable in-country concierge contacts will be one click away. Travel insurance information and documents will be at your finger tips as well. 

Let's talk specifics

Here's how we help

  • Proposing the best resort and tours that meet your needs after careful collaboration

  • Customized sightseeing with private tour guides and unique experiences. 

  • Recommendations and reservations for dining, spa and activities to compliment your tours.

  • Assistance with private ground transportation

  • Detailed digital itinerary (app) to have on your phone during travel

  • Travel Insurance options to protect your vacation investment

We only book 4-5 star hotels that can match the high-level service that we provide. 

The majority of the custom FIT trips we plan with private, guided experiences require a minimum spend of $5k per guest for a 7 night vacation, not including airfare. 

Concierge Planning Starting at:
$50 per night
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