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Don't DIY another boring family vacation

Travel With Character®

Are you taking your family on average vacations that still take so much time and effort to plan? 

Let's be honest, you can plan a vacation alone and you probably have many times before. But

if you want the feel the magic of a fully produced project, that's where we can help you Travel With Character®. 


We all have a special set of skills, and it's totally okay if vacation planning isn't one of yours. Think of it as hiring a production crew of experts to design, rehearse and orchestrate a vacation that will completely impress your family. We will happily stand backstage while you take all the credit too! 

Our Creative planning process


Your advisor will meet you in a Complimentary Zoom consultation. This is our opportunity to learn more about your  vacation ideas and style. It's also an important step to learning if working together is the right fit. 


When you are ready to move forward, we will send you a digital client agreement and invoice to sign. The cost for our planning service will be discussed on your intro call.


Once your completed paperwork is received, we will craft a proposal incorporating the elements you asked for in addition to our professional suggestions.

Theme park vacations: This will include your hotel accommodations, tickets, and dining plan "package". 

All-inclusive Resort/Cruises : This will include around 3 options for resorts/cruises in your specifications. We often narrow our research from dozens, if not hundreds, of options, and only present the few best ones as to not overwhelm you. 

International bespoke vacations: This will include your resorts, transfers, trains, guides, drivers and activities. Proposals may take a few weeks to deliver, as several collaborative edits may be neccessary. We are also communicating with our partners in different time zones, so we appreciate your patience during the design process. 


No need for you to memorize anything. Once we place your vacation deposit, we will manage important deadlines for subsequent payments, reservations and travel insurance. Organization is extremely important to keep the production moving forward efficiently. A large part of this process will happen behind the scenes as we confirm reservations with vendors, secure entrance tickets and give your preferences to VIP guides.


Collaboration and creativity are the keys to success in this phase. Let us surprise and delight you with our ideas while you still feel confident knowing your goals are understood. We will research, recommend and plan out all of the details that align with your vision. Highlights of our concierge service include organizing dining, spa, golf, activities, and styling services. 


Before travel you will receive final documents, tips and itinerary so you can feel confident about departure. In addition to the support of your travel advisor, many of the Supplier partners we work with offer 24/7 in-travel assistance for peace of mind.  When your vacation arrives, rest assured knowing you can now let go and live in the moment.

Image by Philip Jahn

She guided us masterfully through a curated list of our top options based on our trip goals, and I'm thrilled to say that the entire trip literally could not have gone more smoothly.

Eric W.

Custom Travel Planning

We do not just "book" and send you on a vacation.
We strive to design custom-tailored experiences worldwide.
Our guests appreciate the knowledge, time and care from their dedicated advisor. 


Vacation Design starting at $150

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