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Why Booking with a Travel Advisor is a Game-Changer, Even for a DIY Planner

As a DIY travel planner, you might relish the feeling of piecing together your dream itinerary, browsing the countless online reviews to select the perfect hotel, and savoring the thrill of finding the best flight deals. But have you ever considered the unique advantages of booking with a travel advisor? Here's why even the most seasoned self-planners should give advisors like those at Travel With Character® a shot.

It's All About Expertise

Travel advisors possess a wealth of knowledge on each destination, which can save you countless hours of research. Our job is to have the inside scoop and learn about the latest trends. We also pride ourselves on our industry connections, which it would be difficult for an individual traveler to make unless they were frequenting the same hotel repeatedly over the course of years. 

Hassle-Free Problem Solving

With DIY planning, when issues arise, you're on your own. But with a travel advisor, you have a personal ally ready to resolve problems and minimize the impact on your vacation. Many of our travel partners have 24/7 assistance available to you as well, for an added layer of support. 

Tailored Experiences

Every traveler is unique. At Travel With Character®, we provide personalized itineraries that cater to your specific tastes and interests. Our tailor-made trips will allow you to feel the pulse of the local life and have experiences that mass tourism might miss. Let us use our creativity to add in activities you may not have considered or even known about. We like to say "You can't VIP  yourself." 

Unseen Savings

While bagging a great deal on a booking platform feels rewarding, travel advisors often have access to unpublished rates and can secure additional perks, turning your trip from great to unforgettable. Even when we can't directly save you cash on your booking, we may give you one tip along the way that might have be a money-saver, or better... a time saver. 


Lastly, one of the most overlooked benefits - time. The time you save by allowing a trusted advisor to handle documentation, reservations, research, and problem-solving is time you can spend daydreaming about the adventure that awaits you.

Booking with a travel advisor doesn't mean giving up control over your vacation planning. So sure, bookmark all those snacks you can't wait to eat, and add to your bucket list Pinterest boards. We don't want to take the fun away from planning a trip! We simply want to enhance it, tailor it and refine it so that you get more value for your time and money. Partnering with a travel advisor at Travel With Character® truly turns travel planning into a leisure of its own.

Experience the difference for yourself.


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